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  The suggestive and wild furrows of the Throats of the Melfa River rappresents one of the sides of a triangle at the top of a mountain where we find Arpino, Casalvieri and Santopadre, three characteristic towns, rich of history, archeollogy, pleasant and confortable.
  The Throats of the Melfa includes a hilltop territory very pleasant to go around, walking, with a mountain bike or riding a horse; a land that change continually, closely planted woods, coltivated lands, bare petraia, river, streams and pasture land, showing everywhere so big towns as if you were in high altitudes.
  The temperature is always warm and the easyness togo around the paths make this territory ideal for trips during all the year, it’s adapt for all kinds of walkers and especially for short or long holidays for families with children.
  Enjoy yourself discovering the Throats of the Melfa clicking on photos and linking to visualise ample illustrated explanations. In particular explore the land through 31 paths present on the two Interactive Maps, so enlarge them and read the description: you will surely contact us to spend magic moments plunged into an amazing nature.
  We offer turism absolutely genuine in every appearance, in tight contact with the pastoral and agricolture world of today and yesterday.

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